Worship Services

During the summer months, Holy Cross has one Sunday morning worship services at 9:30 am.

Holy Communion is served at both services and everyone is invited!  As Jesus invites us to come, share the gifts of his body and blood in the ordinary stuff of bread and wine at Holy Communion, we want everyone to know—both guests and members alike—that you are invited to join us.  You don’t have to be a member of Holy Cross.  You don’t even have to be Lutheran.  We invite everyone to come to the table because it is Jesus’ meal, and it is Jesus who invites us to eat and drink of his forgiveness and life.  Come join us.

Children’s Sermon

Liturgy is an important part of our worship experience, but that doesn’t mean every service is the same. As we progress through the church year, our liturgy changes with the seasons. While maintaining the tradition of the liturgy, we celebrate with both classic and contemporary settings, including our Contemporanius service, the second Sunday of every month.

Nursery is available for infants through 3 years old.   Transportation is also available.

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